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WordCamp Udaipur is Successfully conducted by entire Team. I am sure everyone had enjoyed it a lot. In this WordPress on Going blog, I am going to express my own journey of WordCamp Udaipur in my own Word. Journey Begin WordCamp Udaipur journey begin when train move from NZM and came at Udaipur railway station. … Continue reading WordCamp on Going


WordCamp Udaipur pre

Dont know about you but I really enjoy WordCamp from my heart. 💓😊 For me WordCamp is not only a way to learn new things, meet community people, make social presence in Community. I enjoy it more than that. No doubt I learn new things, meet new people. But what about visiting new cities? Visiting … Continue reading WordCamp Udaipur pre

Real Happiness – Life Motivation

words of monk

Jim Rohn a Great Motivator was doing one Motivation seminar. Where he selected group of 100 people and given them some task.

  • He told them to write their name on a Baloon with a marker.
  • Then he told them to put all those balloons in a locked room.
  • The third task was to find that balloon with their name from that room with in 5 min. The one who will find that balloon will be the Successful person of tonight.As soon as the last task begin all 100 people run toward that room.


No body got their named balloon. They all got disappointed.

Jim Rohn suggested them to go and pick any balloon from the room and pass it to the one whose name written there.
All 100 member gone back in the room and done the same.
After 5 min when they back they all have their own named Balloon in hand.

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If you keep on doing what you’ve always Done, You will keep on getting What you have Always Got

words of monk

If you are alcoholic and Drink addict and keep on drinking then your life will not be going to be better.
Someone has said
The day you change your response is the day your life will begin to get better.

If you already getting more and better results in your life from what you are currently doing. Then More and better would have already shown up!

Now If you want something different than current then you will have to do some different.

One change can make several changes in life.
If you bad in something change it.
If you good in something change it, Try different and move ahead….
Don’t stay at one point always look for Best in Better.

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